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She introduced herself and I was shocked: she was much more different from the woman I watched in films or photos published on social networks, clearly much dated. She was short, plump and with almost two teeth missing.

I felt as if I had been taken the [CodeWord140] but who cares. I'the have had the greatest fuck of my life. We came back again in the dance floor and sat on a small sofa. At that time, I noticed another woman just in front of me speaking with two men smoking, not giving a shit either of the prohibition or of the owner who realized but didn't say anything.

I didn't know if she became aware of my presence, anyway it was a fact that while Barbara Gandalf was telling me about her dogs, tattoos and film career (what a bore).

I found myself staring at the former and losing interest in the latter. After a while the unknown woman, wearing a quite basic and low-necked black mini dress, stood up, began dancing and then asked the two guys to join her.

They didn't have to say it twice: they put her between them and started touching her, first softly and them deeply, while she showed a great appreciation. I felt my cock becoming harder and harder and opened my eyes wide when they put their pricks out and she started playing with them.

Thereafter she gave me a look (or maybe it was a play of light and my imagination), knelt down, licked them and put in her mouth. With a big pleasure of the two blokes and a great envy from me.